About the Organizers

Committee Members

Chair:  Sid Bruinsma
Secretary/Co-Chair  Jim Rutledge
Treasurer  Sid Bruinsma
Patrick Nagle – Publications, Media Manager, Embassy Co-ordinator
Marilyn Bruinsma – Children and Decorations
Gorden Yeo – Army Vehicles
Marian Kroekenstoel - Decorations
Mark Woodward - Community Business Liasion

2015 Liberation Celebration

Witnessing the 70th Liberation Anniversary in the Netherlands in 2015

Sid Brunisma and myself (Jim Rutledge) had the privilege of attending some of the ceremonies held throughout Holland in May of 2015.  In these pages, we would like to share some of the things we learned and experienced on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Dutch Liberation by the Canadian First Army.