A volunteer committee has been formed by Huron County residents who have come to appreciate the investment the people of Holland have put into maintaining the memory of Canadian sacrifice made during the liberation campaign of Holland. Your faithfulness in caring for the gravesites and in extending a warm welcome to Canadians from every walk of life to share our common history is noticed and is much appreciated.

In Canada, we feel we need to respond by rekindling the memory of the liberation of Holland here at home, just as the Dutch people have done over the past seventy years. The Dutch Canadian community has marked the liberation of Holland by erecting in Goderich, Ontario, the 'Liberation Fountain" (1970) and pavilion (2005). We feel it is time do do something special again.

For this reason we have formed a committee to make the occassion of Canada's 150th birthday a special celebration of what it means to be a Canadian. For those of us who are Dutch-Canadian, we want to maintain the memory to recall how we came to be here in this land. We wish to mark 2017 by urging our government to extend an invitation to Princess Margriet of the Netherlands to come to Huron County, Ontario to celebrate together our bonds of friendship.

Committee Members

Chair:  Sid Bruinsma
Secretary/Co-Chair  Jim Rutledge
Treasurer  Sid Bruinsma
Patrick Nagle – Publications, Media Manager
Marilyn Bruinsma – Children and Decorations
Gorden Yeo – Army Vehicles
Marian Kroekenstoel - Decorations
Mark Woodward - Community Business Liasion




Letters of Support: