The organizing committee has been planning this event for over one year now. Among the notable developments is the work done to secure 22 World War Two military vehicles to be part of the 2017 parade. Efforts will be made to create an authentic atmosphere to commenorate the Liberation of Holland.  We are hopeful that some of our veterans will be able to ride in those vehicles to mark the day.  Much thanks to Gord Yeo in organizing this element of the parade.

Included in the organizing efforts is an outreach to military units throughout Ontario to participate in the parade, and other formalities. At the invitation of the Royal Regiment of Canada, three committe members atttended a concert in June, given by the regimental band in Meaford. The Royal Regiment of Canada has a world class military band which on a number of occassions has performed a "Liberation of Holland" concert to mark the regiment's role in the Dutch campaign. Their performance includes a narrative as well as period songs from 1944-45. Date permitting, it is entirely possible the Royal Regiment of Canada will be coming to Goderich. We appreciate very much the willingness of serving members of the Armed Forces to invest their time and talents to mark this important event.