Goderich, Ontario resident Nancy Hughes has told us of a unique kind of bond that she has with Princess Margriet and that story is as follows.....Nancy's father was Major Raymond W. Hughes of the Canadian Dental Corps and he was part of the 122nd Heavy Artillery and was shipped overseas in October of 1942. Nancy's mother Marie was carrying Nancy just as Princess Juliana was carrying Princess Margriet. Nancy was born on January 6, 1943 and Princess Margriet was born on January 19, 1943.

At some point both Princess Juliana and Mrs. Maria Hughes decided that today was the day to go out and purchase clothes for their new babies. Both decided to go to the Eaton store which was located on the northeast corner of Banks Street and Laurier Street.

Princess Juliana arrived first and was already in the store when Maria Hughes arrived to do her shopping. The store management and the security detail for the Princess asked Mrs. Hughes if she would mind waiting until Princess Juliana was completed her shopping. This of course was not a problem, and in fact when leaving the store Princess Juliana thanked Mrs. Hughes for being so kind and waiting and both mothers chatted together for a few minutes.

Following the departure of Princess Juliana from the Eatons store Maria Hughes quickly asked what the Princess had purchased and she purchased everything the Princess did. Two little girls in Ottawa then wore the exact same outfits for a period of time.